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        Basic Computer Security...

the "non-sugar coated" version -

Basic computer security is not really complicated; however, it's not as simple as merely installing antivirus software either.

You need to understand and adopt the mindset that computer security is your responsibility..... not McAfee, not Norton, not Microsoft, not anyone else but you!  Security is your responsibility.

"I didn't know" doesn't work here.  If you own a computer and are on the Internet - it's your responsibility to get yourself educated... if you don't then you'll have to hire companies like ours to clean up the mess created by viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware and adware, etc.

Though not all inclusive, below are some basic tips that will help you: 

WARNING: Read our disclaimer below.  You assume all risks and responsibility following these guidelines.

  • develop a data backup strategy that involves multiple types of media

  • backup your data files!

  • backup your data files!

  • backup your data files! (This can't be overemphasized!)

  • never backup over your most recent backup

  • test the integrity of your backups periodically

  • replace antivirus software generally older than one year

  • use an alternative internet browser - i.e., Mozilla's "Firefox"

  • ensure antivirus programs are in fact updating themselves

  • regularly install critical updates, service packs and security updates

  • use a firewall

  • review email in plaintext mode while still on your ISPs server

  • remove adware and spyware; regularly scan your system

  • use the "non-preview mode" in your email client; delete spam, junk email immediately

  • don't open email from those you don't know

  • beware of unsolicited email from friends with attachments

  • don't open attachments unless they're expected; then download and scan for viruses before opening

  • keep file swapping and downloads to a bare minimum

  • don't install free utilities on your computer unless you know something about the source of the program, are aware of potential compatibility issues, developer reputation etc.

  • clear Internet cache files and cookies regularly

  • don't give out your username or password; keep it secret; change your password aperiodically.


  • don't use your every day email address when registering for things online. Create a bogus email; for example junkemail@cpu911.com for this purpose.

  • don't forward chain email!  If it's good enough to send to someone, clean it up, delete the forwarding instructions and threats that something bad will happen to you and forward ONLY to those you really want to read it.

  • Don't publicize your address book in the "Cc:" line.  When sending to multiple email addresses (yes, two qualifies as more than one), put them in the "Bcc:" line.  Put your own email address in the "To:" line.

  • Did you know that you are just as likely (if not more so) to be infected by a friend through email than from someone you don't know?  If you don't believe this, email me and I'll explain why.


Computer education never ends..... read, study, learn and apply



  • The information contained herein is provided "as is" without any warranty.  Reasonable efforts were used to ensure this information is accurate and up-to-date.  This information is not intended to take the place of official guidelines or established requirements provided by IT departments, owners manuals or other authoritative instructions and/or documents.

  • Your use of this information is at your own risk.  The owners of this web site, its suppliers, employees and other parties involved in creating and delivering this web site and its contents, are not liable for any damages arising from use of this web site.  The information provided is only intended to be general information to the public.

  • We specifically: 
    (1) Disclaim any and all responsibility for any inaccuracy, error, omission, lateness or any other kind of inadequacy, deficiency, or flaw in, or in relation to, the information; and
    (2) Without limiting (1) above, fully exclude any and all liability of any kind, on the part of any and all of them, to any person or entity (whether a user of this web site or not) that chooses to rely upon the information.

 ~ Last Updated: April 7, 2008 ~

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