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Professional Data Recovery

  • Common Reasons You May Need Data Recovery
  • An electrical problem such as a printed circuit failure or mechanical failure such as a head crash or servo problem.
  • A software problem such as bad partition tables, file allocation tables or crashed Netware volumes.
  • A virus has infected your computer or someone has sabotaged your system.

  • Natural disaster such as flood, fire, electrical storm, earthquake, typhoon (hurricane) or tsunami (tidal wave).

  • Data recovery that has been attempted by an unqualified company.

  • What To Do Following A Crash (and what not to do!)
  • Choose a "Data Recovery" company very carefully.  Sending your drive to an inexperienced company can only cause more damage.  In fact, this is the most common cause of "data loss".
  • Do not remove the cover from the hard drive.  This will only cause further damage.
  • Do not attempt to recover data with commonly available software utility programs.
  • Do not continue powering up a drive you believe has been damaged.  It can and will only get worse.

  • If you hear a clunk, clunk sound when you power up the drive then the servo pattern has been lost and the drive can't find track zero.  Shut the drive down and do not power up again.  You may break the TRK 00 Stop inside the drive.
  • Never shake the hard disk drive.
  • Don't try dropping the drive to get it "unstuck".
  • Don't expose the drive to extreme temperatures.
  • If a drive has been through a great deal of force or is visibly damaged do not try to power it up to see if you can see any data.
  • Never power up a drive that may have been exposed to water, fire, lighting or smoke.  The drive must be serviced or data recovered in an air- and static-controlled Class 100 clean room by data recovery professionals.
  • Use the same type of precautions for any type of media including floppies, tapes, Zips or CD's when the data is valuable to you or your company.
  • Improper handling and packaging is the second major cause of permanent loss of data.
  • Don't assume that data is unrecoverable, no matter what it has been through.
  • How To Prepare For A Crash
  • Develop a backup strategy and stick to it!
  • Backup your data.
  • Test the integrity of your backup.

  • Consider off site storage for backups.

  • Rotate backup media.

  • Backup your data!

  • Backup your data!

  • Backup your data!

  • Call for pricing
  • Other Information
  • Turnaround time is typically 7 to 14 business days.

  • No High/Low Pricing Schemes.
  • No Tricks, No Gimmicks... competitive rates!
  • Special Packaging, Shipping & Handling Charges are extra.
  • Recovered data is returned on CD's, DVD's or another hard drive (additional charges apply for replacement hard drives).
  • Prices & Terms are subject to change without notice.

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